Vision Statement

Our vision is to raise children who demonstrate their love for Christ through obedience to His word and a committment to impact their generation and future generations for His kingdom.

Mar 1, 2011


We are a group of Christian families, committed to learning and growing in our Lord, Jesus Christ. First and foremost, we have chosen to homeschool our children to give our them an education that focuses on the holiness, glory and majesty of our creator. And, secondarily, to build strong families, strong character and strong communities; all for the glory of God!

Our name "Tapestry of the Desert", beautifully describes who we are! Each family in this co-op uses a multi-disciplinary curriculum called "Tapestry of Grace." Tapestry of Grace is primarily a history curriculum, but integrates literature, writing, art, humanities and worldview studies into a single curriculum that can be used for all school-aged children. And of course, the "Desert" part of our name describes where we live! We are all privileged to call Arizona home, and love the beauty and splendor of the desert southwest! Everywhere we look we see God's handiwork: the mountains around us, saguaros standing tall and His handpainted sunsets each night.

Tapestry of the Desert does not exist to teach history to our children. Rather, this co-op is designed to enhance the lessons taught at home with supplemental activities relating to each lesson. Our children look forward to co-op days! They love the crafts and creations, sharing the work they have done and most of all they love the fellowship time with dear friends! Our families love being together and it is our prayer that God will keep us knitted together in the journey of teaching our precious children for years to come!